SP MDT Tool v3.1828

Smartphone Multi Port Download Tool

SmartPhone Multi Port Download Tool aka SP MDT tool is the best known updated official application for multiple uses released by MediaTek Inc. Flash scatter based firmware of MediaTek chipset installed smartphone is the focused major task. Rival to the SP Flash tool, SP MDT is compatible with a large array of MTK devices database. Delete NVRAM backup data and/or OTP format are unusual but inherent features of SP Multiport Download Tool. Find the direct SP MDT Tool download link and save the tool on your Windows PC to commence the flash.

Highlighted Features of SPMDT Tool

Firmware Flash

MediaTek powered smartphone needs to download SP MDT tool to flash the stock/custom firmware. Simply, open SP MTD, load the scatter file and click the flash button to complete the task.

Bootloader Format

The tool can format/delete the bootloader of an MTK device while it also drags up the probability to meet a bootloop. Find the fresh bootloader files before commencing the project.

Flashing Speed

The official interface does create with two buttons "High Speed" and "Full Speed". Select the optimal speed rate with buttons. Tip: Use the High-Speed option to a quick flash of the other to slow but standard flash.

Detect MTK Devices

The tool auto detect the networked smartphone to the personal computer with the correct USB driver software. If you unable to find the correct updated drivers, use Android CDC or VCOM packages.

How to Download SP MDT Tool

The latest SP Multiport Download Tool setup file is able to download using the direct download button. It will not redirect you to another mirror site and check the downloading progress from the left bottom corner of your web browser. Open the downloads folder of the Windows PC and extract the zip file to start SPMDT tool following the guide. The Android CDC or VCOM driver pack installation is required if your device drivers have not updated to the latest version. Keep in mind to take a complete backup of important personal data of your device storage.

Why SP Multiport Download Tool Special?

The Smart Phone Multiport Download Tool v3.1828 (official) perfectly works with MTK based smart devices. Flash stock ROM, the custom ROM firmware, format Bootloader, set flashing speed, detects the device with / without the battery and other features encounter in the mechanism of SPMDT tool. The official developers are MediaTek Inc developers so the credit acquires them.

Tip:  If you flash the MTK smartphone without removing the battery, make sure that it has at least 30% or 20% of the battery.

The SP MDT is so intuitive to detect the networked smartphone with the installed Android CDC driver. In any case, the Android CDC driver does not respond with your smartphone use Android VCOM driver to correctly identify the networked smartphone. If you need sharing the tool with a friend, the hotlinking is not allowed. Download the most compatible tool version with your smart mobile device for a responsible output.

Readme Before Installation

Any MTK smartphone is able to repair/upgrade with SP MDT tool. Flash stock ROM to repair devices from software errors while the custom firmware flash combines new magical stuff with the OS. Format or delete the bootloader of an MTK Android and install newly downloaded files performs by the tool.

Two, speed level selection buttons inbuilt with the official SPMDT tool. The first button displays High Speed while the other represents Full Speed. High-speed option serves you a quick flash. The full speed runs at a low speed but addressing the entire Android OS files skipping none. The battery is not a fact that decides the flow of flashing the stock ROM but you can use SP MDT tool with or without the battery for your comfort. Maintain 30% or likely to 20% battery level if you connect the device with a mounted battery.

Flash stock ROM or the custom ROM with the SP Multiport Download Tool will eliminate the device data from the internal storage completely. Take a complete backup of your mobile internal storage before starting the flash process. The bootloader can format or delete permanently but it leads malfunctions if you do not follow the official instructions. Download the correct bootloader files to start bootloader flashing. Perform with the battery or without it is the major advantage of SPMDT tool. The latest version of device software installation or Android CDC/VCOM driver installation is essential. Find and save the most matching scatter firmware on an easily reachable location.

Note! Format the bootloader causes bootloop. So be careful with the activity. Find the correct files to replace the exciting files is recommended. 

Video Guide

Requirements to use SPMDT Tool

  • Take a perfect backup of all the important data to confirm the safety of currently stored items of your mobile device.
  • Find and pick the most compatible scatter based firmware file with your smartphone.
  • Download and install the latest version of USB driver software or manually install Android CDC or VCOM driver pack.
  • Then switch off the mobile device and remove the battery if available. If you trying to flash the device without removing the battery, make sure that it remains 30% or 20% of battery level.
  • Find and download the correct stock or the custom firmware file that better match with your device. If this does not compatible with your device, the mechanism will offer errors.

How to Flash Stock ROM of MediaTek Androids

  • Download SP MDT tool v3.1828 using the direct download buttons.
  • Extract the downloaded official SPMDT tool on the Windows PC and run SP Multi Port Download Tool.
  • Install correct driver packages on the Windows computer.
  • Now, power off the mobile and then ready connect to the computer using a certified USB data cable. (Remove the battery if able and do not connect yet)
  • Click on "File" tab and then on "Open Download Agent File".
  • Now, upload the "MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin" file from the extracted SP Multiport Download Tool folder.
  • Select "Scatter File" button and then locate the downloaded firmware file to the app interface. The urgent thing is that you have to upload the most compatible file otherwise, the device will brick.
  • Place the check mark on "BootROM + PreLoader COM Sel All". All ticks shown in the below area will automatically select.
  • Click the "Start All" button to commence the project.
  • Hold down the "Volume Up" button of your mobile and then connect the device to the PC using a recommended USB data cable.
  • Let the tool detect the networked smartphone and the app interface will load the device's details.
  • Once completed the installation a confirmation message will display as "DL OK" green in color.

Special Tips to Remember

  • Flash an Android is a venture. A single mistake leads bricking the device. So be careful with the scatter file selection.
  • Take a complete backup is essential unless the important data will damage and not able to recover.
  • Find the best suitable firmware for your MediaTek Android device. You can use a downgraded or an upgraded firmware to change the states of the smartphone.
  • Download SP MDT tool officially released by the MediaTek Inc. Subject to multiple tests it upgraded the errors and confirms that majority of MTK chipset installed devices are capable of flash with SPMDT tool.
  • Delete NVRAM backup data (Compatible with RID), remove OTP lock or perform OTP format are extra additional features of download SP MDT tool.

How to repair bootloop with SP MDT Tool

The bootloop means the damages of the bootloader and you have to replace the file system along with the instructions set. Flash stock firmware recovers the software related errors including the bootloop. So the best solution for repairing MTK smartphones from a bootloop is only downloaded the scatter based stock ROM from an official source and utilize it using SPMDT tool. The Windows PC intervenes in the installation and none others. So if you need to repair the bootloop of an MTK smartphone, follow the instructions from the above list and flash stock ROM successfully.

Can expand features counter of an Android?

The only solution to upgrade the inbuilt features of an MTK chipset installed smartphone is flashing the custom ROM. This is mean by a customized stock ROM. Once customized any stock ROM inserting extraordinary features it called a Custom ROM. The best suitable firmware with your device build number is somewhat hard but do not try to install any incompatible file. It damages devices and causes bootloop or brick. Custom flash can perform following the steps of stock ROM installation. Both installs in the same way.


The installation notes are being added and follow the important instructions as mentioned. The stock/custom ROM flash definitely eliminates the storage of an MTK Android smart device so the backup is needed. Make sure that you are downloaded the correct scatter file to replace the exciting one. Otherwise, the process will not perform correctly and most likely to be bricked. Hotlinking is not allowed. If your friend needs SP MDT, share the URL to download SP MDT Tool successfully for free of cost.

Credits for developers

The SP MDT tool is an official development of the MediaTek Inc developers. So the credits are acquired by the official app developers of the MTK corporation.

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